Government Type

Head of State
Sultan Qabus Ibn Said al Said (since July 23rd 1970)


309.500 sq km

2í967í000 Million, (577í000 Foreigners)

Omani Rial. Currently 1 OR is rated 1,86 Euro (November 2010). All major Credit Cards are accepted in most places.

A 30 days tourist Visa can be purchased at the airport upon arrival at the cost of approximately 35 Euro. For longer a stay, the visa can be extended for 30 more days. at the emigration office.

The Oman Climate is hot and dry for most of the year. Summer months in Oman start in mid-April and last till October. The hottest months are from June till August. The mean summer temperature in the capital of Oman Muscat is 33 degrees .The highest summer temperatures registered in the country of Oman is above 50 degrees . Winter months are comfortable in Oman. The temperature ranges from 15 degrees to 23 degrees. This is the perfect time to visit the country . From October to March the Oman Climate is mild and pleasant. The Oman Climate is different in some regions. The Dhofar region has comfortable summer months. It receives cool winds from the Indian ocean and has a light monsoon climate.

Health and medical services in the country, particularly Muscat, are of a high standard, but are expensive for foreigners (Oman nationals receive free treatment), so health insurance is recommended. Food and water in Muscat is considered safe.

Taking Photos
If you want to take pictures of the locals, you should always ask for permission. While most people donít mind, there are still some Omanis who just donít like pictures to be taken of. It is forbidden to take pictures inside Mosques.

As in the other Arabic countries, Islam stands as the major religion in Oman as well. Islam is in fact, the official religion of Oman, though the Basic Law of the country is liberal towards the other religions as well. About eighty six percent of the country's population comprises of Muslims who have been residing in the region down the ages. The other religious groups which the country accommodates have actually migrated to settle in the country in recent years, or have been formed as a result of the country's interaction with the foreign nations.

Oman is a country of enormous diversity and natural beauty, which, while it has much to attract the discerning traveller, had until recent years been largely overlooked by international tourists. The government was anxious not to promote the Sultanate to tourists until it was ready to accommodate them. Now, with an enviable infrastructure securely in place, a wide range of international hotels and a wealth of things to see and do, Oman is ready to offer its traditional hospitality to visitors from around the world.

Work on developing further facilities has been constantly ongoing. Indicative of the importance the government affords this sector was the issue of Royal Decree No. 61/2004, establishing a Ministry of Tourism and appointing a woman as its minister.

Muscat, Oman